Quality Certification


Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the excellent quality of our products, SYI owns the complete testing & inspection instruments. From the raw materials to finished products, our QA departments inspect every single step. We have following inspecting instruments: Metallurgical Microscope, Figure(Roughness & Contour) Measure Instrument, Roundness and Cylindricity Tester, Parellism and Perpendicularity measurements Micro-hite 900, Hardness tester, Bearing Vibration Tester, Bearing Lifespan Tester, High-Speed Balance Tester. The entire instrument is calibrated & maintained by Taiwan CNS system. All the manufacturing processes are under strict inspection and monitor; SYI can backtrck any bearing data if so required by our customers.

Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Machining Lathing Heat Treatment
Inspection Cleaning Assembly Grinding
Rust Preventing Product Verification        

Inspection Instruments

Metallurgical Microscope   Roundness and Cylindricity Tester   Figure Measure Instrument
Parellism & Perpendicularity Measurement   Hardness Tester   High-Speed Balance Tester
Vibration Tester   Lifespan Tester